Q    How do I book Lil Rel for my event?
a     It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 1) Email knowledgebeckom@gmail.com. 2) Include in your email ALL of the details about your event(who, what, where, when, how Lil Rel can help). 3) Include your contact information (email AND phone). Lil Rel’s manager, Knowledge Beckom, will get back to you after checking Lil Rel’s availability.

Q    How far in advance do I need to book Lil Rel for an event in Chicago?
a     Lil Rel is a very busy comedian who travels from coast to coast regularly. Although, Chicago is his hometown, he is often booked for appearances and tapings across the nation. Contact him as early as possible when planning your Chicago event. Keep in mind that September through May is his peak traveling season, so plan accordingly.

Q    If I want Lil Rel to come perform at a show in my town, will I have to cover his travel and hotel?
a     The short answer: Absolutely. The politically correct answer: Contact knowledgebeckom@gmail.com about your event.

Q    I’ve already seen Lil Rel perform. Will I see new material if I attend his next show?
a     Lil Rel has been doing comedy for ten years. He has an encyclopedia of funny material, plus a ton of material that he just made up last week while walking around Wal-mart.

Q    Where will Lil Rel be next?
a     Check out the “Current Schedule” available on this website.

Q    I want to open for Lil Rel. How do I do that?
a     Keep doing your thing in the comedy clubs. If you’re funny, we’ll hear about you.

Q    Is that really you on your Facebook, Twitter, etc…..?
a     Yep.

Q    How do I get your CD?
a     Great question! Just go to iTunes.com and search for Comedian Lil Rel. Or, simply click here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-know-you-hear-me-but-are/id359320907