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Thank you for the comments and feedback on all of the blogs, all of the YouTube videos, and all over Twitter! You are the motivation behind the movement!

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The Blogs Love Lil Rel!!!!!

Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!…..”I SsssweaTaGaw’ girl I SsssweaTaGaw'” !AW DAY! LMBO!!!!!! – K.C.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who Youtubed Rel after I saw him on Def Jam. My friend is from CHI so she’s always saying, “What that do?” It hit home for me. Get grown, B****!! That one kills me everytime. – Southern_Lady

Comedy Buffs Do, Too!

Re: Lil Rel’s appearance on Last Comic Standing – I might be a little bias towards Lil Rel. I’ve seen the dude destroy empty open mics and jam-packed houses all over the city of Chicago, so I hear one of his jokes, and I already know the entire set. I just think he’s hysterical, that’s all. – Steve Heisler

Re: Lil Rel’s appearance on Last Comic Standing – Another thing about Lil’ Rel that was great… He had a really genuine moment after he passed through to the semi-finals where he started to cry and still was able to make the joke, “I can’t cry, this is a comedy show”. –TacoSmith

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